Chateaux and Castles Czech country has long history and there are almost 1000 castles and ruins throughout. Within reach half day trip from Prague are dozen really nice chateaux and castles. We are sure you will not wish to see all of them, but you should discover three of the most popular, at least.

The castles and chateaux are usually open from the beginning of April to the end of October (from 9 am to 6 pm in May, June, July, August and from 10 am to 3 pm in April, September and October). Krivoklat Castle is open all the year round.



Karlstejn The most photogenic and the most popular castle in the Prague neighborhood is located 28 km south-west of the city. Karlstejn was founded by Charles IV in 1348, remodeled in the 19th century. It is open daily except Mondays, from March 1 through November 11 and on weekends from November 11 through March 1. Foreigners are expected to buy an English guided tour at 270 Kc. Czech language guided tour is at 170 Kc but is not as good as the English one. The castle is about 30 minutes by train from Railway Station Smichov (Nadrazi Smichov). It is a really nice short day trip. There are a lot of shops on the way up to the castle from the village. You have a chance to buy Bohemia Crystal there much cheaper than in Prague. If you like delicious Czech cakes and pies visit the bakery in the left curve to the castle. You can't miss it, just smell :-)



Konopiste The French style castle from 13th century got its neo Gothic face in the 1890s. It is open daily except Mondays, from April 1 till November 30. You can enjoy three really cool guided tours. For each you can join a Czech group for 150-220 Kc or take English tour for 220-320 Kc. The castle is located 44 km south-east of Prague. Take the train from the Main Railway Station (Hlavni Nadrazi) to Benesov. It will take an hour to get there. Benesov is nice small provincial and a kind of drowsy town. The castle is about 30 minutes walking distance from town in a beautiful park with a lake. It is a nice and calm long day trip particularly if the weather in summer is nice. If you are hurry or the weather is not the best, take a tour with a travel agency. Buy the tickets from the Visitor Center.



Krivoklat The castle is located 40 km west of Prague and was built in the late 13th century. You can enjoy the prison, torture chambers and the second biggest non church Gothic hall there (after the Vladislav Hall in Prague Castle). Half the pleasure of going is getting there by train up the wooded valley. From Railway Station Smichov (Nadrazi Smichov) take a train to Beroun. Then transfer to the Rakovnik-bound one car train. Krivoklat is open all the year round from 10 am to 3 pm, in summer from 9 am to 6 pm. It is a romantic train ride and nice long day trip. On weekdays you will find none of the crowds associated with place like Karlstejn. If you are hurry or the weather is not the best, take a tour with a travel agency. Buy the tickets from the Visitor Center. Foreigners are expected to buy an English guided tour at 240 Kc. Czech language guided tour is at 190 Kc but is not as good as the English one.


Other Castles and Chateaux

There is the list of 41 the most popular castles in the country. It is the best idea to call them to make a reservation in advance as some castles may be busy particularly during the top season.

Item Castle or Chateau Address Phone Email
1 Blatna Chateau 388 01 Blatna 383422934 Email
2 Castolovice Chateau 517 50 Castolovice 494323646 Email
3 Cervena Lhota Chateau 378 21 Kardasova Recice 384384228 Email
4 Cesky Krumlov Castle and Chateau 381 01 Cesky Krumlov 380704711 Email
5 Cesky Sternberk Castle 257 27 Cesky Sternberk 317855101 Email
6 Dobris Chateau 263 01 Dobris 318521240 Email
7 Hluboka nad Vltavou Chateau 373 41 Hluboka nad Vltavou 387967045 Email
8 Horovice Chateau 268 01 Horovice 311512479 Email
9 Hradek u Nechanic Chateau 503 15 Nechanice 495931244 Email
10 Chlumec nad Cidlinoou Chateau 503 51 Chlumec nad Cidlinou 495484519 Email
11 Jindrichuv Hradec Castle and Chateau 377 01 Jindrichuv Hradec 384321279 Email
12 Kamen Castle 394 13 Kamen u Pacova 565426619 Email
13 Karlstejn Castle 267 18 Karlstejn 311681617 Email
14 Kokorin Castle 277 23 Kokorin 315695064 Email
15 Konopiste Chateau 256 01 Benesov u Prahy 317721366 Email
16 Kost Castle 507 45 Mladejov 493571144 Email
17 Krakovec Castle 270 35 Petrovice 313549302 Email
18 Krivoklat Castle 270 23 Krivoklat 313558120 Email
19 Kuks Chateau 544 43 Trutnov 499692161 Email
20 Kuneticka Hora Castle 533 52 Stare Hradiste 466415428 Email
21 Lipnice nad Sazavou Castle 582 32 Lipnice nad Sazavou 569486114 Email
22 Litomysl Chateau 570 01 Litomysl 461611066 Email
23 Melnik Chateau 276 01 Melnik 315622121 Email
24 Mnichovo Hradiste Chateau 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiste 326773098 Email
25 Nachod Chateau 547 01 Nachod 491426201 Email
26 Nelahozeves Chateau 277 51 Nelahozeves 315709111 Email
27 Opocno Chateau 517 73 Opocno 494668216 Email
28 Orlik Castle 398 07 Orlik nad Vltavou 382275101 Email
29 Ratiborice Chateau 552 03 Ceska Skalice 491452123 Email
30 Rozmberk nad Vltavou Castle 382 18 Rozmberk nad Vltavou 380749838 Email
31 Rychnov nad Kneznou Chateau 516 01 Rychnov nad Kneznou 494534916 Email
32 Sazava Chateau 285 06 Sazava 327321177 Email
33 Stare Hrady Chateau 507 23 Liban 493598680 Email
34 Tocnik Castle 267 53 Tocnik 311533202 Email
35 Trebon Chateau 379 01 Trebon 384721193 Email
36 Trosky Castle 512 63 Rovensko pod Troskami 481313925 Email
37 Veltrusy Chateau 277 46 Veltrusy 315781146 Email
38 Zebrak Ruins 267 53 Zebrak 311533202 Email
39 Zlata Koruna Monastery 382 02 Zlata Koruna 380743126 Email
40 Zleby Chateau 285 61 Zleby 327398121 Email
41 Zvikov Castle 398 18 Zahori 326899676 Email


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